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Waverly Townhomes in 2013 over claims of rotting front porches, building code violations and defects in roofing, siding and window installation, according to Keith McCarty, one of three attorneys representing the property owners. McCarty said Thursday he and his client were satisfied with the jury's unanimous decision. "We are very happy with the verdict," McCarty said. "We think it was fair." He added, "I'm glad the homeowners are prevailing against these large tract developers. If you are going to come in here and build a building, build it right if you are going to sell it to the public." Representing the home builder, attorney Teddy Manos said an appeal is under consideration but he could not comment further on pending litigation. Stephen Denby, the homeowners association president, called the verdict "fair," adding that it "will certainly allow us to repair our homes." The two-story townhomes were built in phases between 2005 and 2009, McCarty said. In its response to the lawsuit, John Wieland Homes called itself the developer and general contractor but said the work was done by subcontractors. Wieland countersued more than a dozen firms it hired to do the work. The homeowners association added them to its suit as well. The townhome community reached out-of-court settlements with the subcontractors of about $1.9 million.

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Lewis Ashwal, a scientist at the University of Witwatersrand, initially discovered in 2013 that the island of Mauritius had a stronger gravitational pull than other parts of the Indian Ocean. Ashwal and his team theorized that the island was sitting on a piece of a sunken continent. According to the report, the team of scientists found zircon crystals that were up to 3 billion years old even though Mauritius is only 8 million years old. Zircon crystals already located on the islands beaches have been dated at 2 billion years old. Researchers believe volcanic eruptions may have blasted the crystals from below the surface. The scientists dubbed the sunken continent Mauritia. Mauritia was a small continent, about the size of Madagascar, until about 85 million years ago. When India and Madagascar began to break apart, the continent began to stretch out. According to New Scientist , evidence shows that other volcanic islands in the Indian Ocean also sit on parts of the sunken land mass. Alan Collins, a researcher at the University of Adelaide in Australia, told the magazine that several pieces of old continents are being discovered. He added that pieces have recently been found off Western Australia and underneath Iceland.

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