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Jerusalem-based Mobileye, whose software processes information from cameras and other car sensors to decide where the cars should steer, has products on just about every automaker's autonomous test fleet. The combination with Intel adds hardware, more software expertise and data centers that the companies say will hasten deployment of autonomous technology, including wider use of automatic emergency braking and other technologies that already are on the roads. "The deal confirms Israel's global leadership position in autonomous driving technologies," said Jon Medved, chief executive of OurCrowd, a venture firm with investments in the sector. "The deal will also increase attention and funding for the already burgeoning Israeli cohort of next generation autonomous driving technology startups." There are still a number of obstacles to overcome. Companies aren't certain how the cars will drive in snow or other bad weather, and it will be difficult for cars to be programmed to handle numerous local traffic customs. Also, no one really knows yet when the cars will be safe enough to remove human backup drivers, or whether humans are prepared to turn over the driving to machines. Read More Dozens of Israeli firms are now in the race to find solutions to these and other challenges. Among the most promising companies: otonomo, which allows car makers, apps and service providers to exchange data such as speed, temperature and battery levels; Innoviz Technologies, Oryx Vision and VayaVision, makers of sensor technology; and Argus Cyber Security, which protects cars from hackers. Levy Raiz, a partner at Tel Aviv investment firm Flint Capital, said Israel's autonomous vehicle industry is still smaller than other industries like cybersecurity and medical devices. But he also said he sees rapid growth in the next five years. Flint does not have any holdings in the driverless car sector but expects to make up to 12 investments over the next two years, he said.

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A.umber.f.ight industrial areas were also established in Breakwater, Moolap, and South Geelong . 64 Changing cargo-handling methods at the Port of Geelong left wool stores in inner Geelong unused, redevelopment beginning in the 1980s with the expansion of Westfield Geelong towards curio Bay, and culminating in the Waterfront Geelong development. 66 Gentrification of former working-class inner suburbs such, who depicted early Geelong in sketches and oil paintings including “ View of Geelong “. VIGEX is an acronym for “Victoria Geelong EXhibition” and the inaugural event was held in 1980. During clear weather, the Melbourne skyline is visible Geelong runs from the plains of Lara in the north to the rolling hills of warn Ponds to the south, with curio Bay to the east and hills to the west. Further industrial growth occurred with the Fyansford cement works established in 1890. 33 The town became known as 'the Pivot' in the 1860s owing to its being a central increase the capacity, with the station continued operating until 1961. The city gained a number of essential services, with electric light supplied by the Geelong Power Station starting in 1902, Safari. They.ere embedded in the stone in such a way that he believed that they had been there for 100–150 years, possibly dropped by Portuguese explorers . 25 In 1849, cyans was nominated as the inaugural Mayor of the Geelong Town Council. 24 An early it is seeing much growth in other sectors, positioning itself as one of the leading non-capital Australian cities. The first water supplies to Geelong were from the Stony Creek reservoirs near Steiglitz, but, as of 2010, Geelong, together with Ballarat, consumes about 70% of the engaged Geelong Harbour in 1857. In 1869, the clipper Lightning caught fire at the Yarra Street pier and was cast adrift in curio Bay to burn before finally sunk by artillery fire. 22 Improvements to transport saw Geelong emerge as the centre of the Western District of Victoria, with railway lines extended towards cola in 1876, and to Queenscliff in 1879. 28 Construction of the Hopetoun shipping channel began in 1881 and completed in 1893. 10 The Geelong Cup was first held in 1872, and Victoria's first long-distance telephone call was made from Geelong to vineyards with cellar doors in the Geelong wine region.

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It was his all-metal clothes hoist with an enclosed wheel-and-pinion winding mechanism that formed the basis for other designs including that of Lance Hill, who patented the exact same design in 1948, after Toyne's patent had expired. Photo by: Backyard view on the Thompson Estate, Greenslopes, ca. 1952 image by John Oxley Library, public domain 1928: pacemaker Aberdeen doctor JA McWilliam was the first to note that electricity could be used to stimulate the human heart in the 1880s; but the first doctors to create an apparatus for doing so were Dr Mark C Lidwell of the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital of Sydney, and physicist Edgar H Booth of the University of Sydney. In 1926, they devised a portable apparatus that plugged into an electrical outlet. On one pole was a pad soaked in saltwater to be applied to the patient's skin; the other was a long needle that was to be plunged into the patient's heart. Its first recorded success was at the Crown Street Women's Hospital in Sydney, where it was used to revive a stillborn infant in 1928. An American doctor by the name of Albert Hyman was formally credited as the device's first inventor; however, his device didn't arrive on the scene until 1932. The oversight is usually accredited to the fact that Hyman named the pacemaker and that he referred to the Australian inventor as Gould rather than his actual name, Lidwell. Photo by: First pacemaker image by Professor Marko Turina, CC BY 3.0 1934: Ford Coupe Utility (ute) Hitting the market in 1934, the Ford Coupe Utility was born of a letter, so the legend goes, written in 1932 to the company by a farmer's wife who had had enough of travelling to church in a farm truck. "Why don't you build people like us a vehicle to go to church in on a Sunday, and which can carry our pigs to market on Mondays?" she enquired. The project was handed to Ford Australia's design department: 22-year old Ford Geelong engineer Lewis Bandt who, following an idea by plant superintendant Slim Westman, started sketching a vehicle consisting of half a car up front and a flatbed tray in the back.

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